• Strategy

    Strategic planning is crucial to any enterprise.  Whether expanding or contracting, planning begins with the board of directors and the company’s advisory team. Strategies vary based on the size of the enterprise and its goals for the future. Read More
  • Target Evaluation

    The evaluation criteria of a candidate should focus on three important issues; sector or industry, size, and price. Such a tri-screening approach can be accomplished in such a manner, that this fundamental information and research is presented by a VR intermediary to the client, thereby reflecting all needs and requirements. Read More
  • Due Diligence

    The basic function of due diligence is to assess the benefits and liabilities of a proposed transaction by inquiring into all relevant aspects of the past, present, and future forecast of the business being considered. Due diligence plays a critical role in the Merger & Acquisition process. Read More.
  • Acquisition

    The environment for acquisitions is extremely competitive and therefore makes it advantageous for acquirers to be both well prepared and opportunistic. Acquirers need to understand key trends in the markets and their causes, and be prepared for all phases of the transaction in order to be able to move quickly and intelligently. Read More
  • Divestiture

    Even the most difficult divestiture obstacles can be overcome through extensive preparation. Becoming a prepared seller can help maximize value and reduce risk. For the acquirer, the prepared seller’s assets are more valuable since they are able to quickly execute the transaction and immediately focus on capturing synergy.Read More
  • Transaction Execution

    Value is gained through the successful transaction, and can be enhanced through seamless and rapid execution. VR’s detailed focus on planning, communications, and executing maintains business continuity for clients, employees, investors, and shareholders. Read More.
  • Integration

    Acquisition integration plans should be formulated even before negotiations finalize.  To ease the transition an internal team whose function is focused on integration should establish which managers will be directly responsible for specific activities after the acquisition. Read More

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